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Online Training

Collected here are training opportunities available on the internet. Check back to see new entries as additional links are added.

Free Training Videos from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center

Human Trafficking 101, published June 2013. A 47-minute 2013 update to the human trafficking 101 online training presentation.


An Overview of Child Sex Trafficking, published August 2015. This 38-minute presentation will provide a brief overview of child sex trafficking, including risk factors, network characteristics, trafficking indicators, models for institutional response, and promising practices for serving youth.


Human Trafficking and Runaway and Homeless Youth, February 2012. A 60-minute presentation  examining the trafficking risk factors for runaway and homeless youth.


Gang-Involved Sex Trafficking, published June 2014. Watch this 40-minute online training to learn how gangs are trafficking women and girls for sex.


Recognizing Human Trafficking Victim Experiences, published June 2012. A 35-minute video.


Human Trafficking in Rural Communities, published in February 2015. This 55-minute presentation will help you understand human trafficking in a rural context, recognize outreach practices for identifying rural victims of trafficking, and identify action steps service providers can take to serve victims of trafficking in rural settings.  

Human Trafficking in Domestic Servitude, published November 2013. A 22-minute video.


Human Trafficking in Agricultural Labor, A 31-minute online training examining human trafficking within the agricultural industry.


Recognizing and Responding  to Human Trafficking in a Healthcare Context, published October 2012. A 37-minute video.


Temporary Visa Programs and the Risk of Human Trafficking, published February 2015. A 47-minute video.


Human Trafficking and  Sales Crews, published January 2012. This 38-minute presentation identifies the ways in which a sales crew might recruit young people into labor trafficking situations.


Human Trafficking and Intersections with Code Enforcement, published January 2012. A 54-minute online training for code compliance personnel on how to identify human trafficking.


Human Trafficking: Intersections with Domestic Violence, published October, 2011. A 33-minute presentation.


Human Trafficking: An Introduction for Military, Civilians and Contractors, published September 2012. A 24-minute presentation.


NGOs - Key Partners for Law Enforcement, August, 2012. A 14- minute presentation for law enforcement personnel on the importance of nongovernmnetal organization and law enforcement partnerships.


Using the Stages of Change Model to Assist Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking, published June 2012. A 38-minute presentation.


Working With Law Enforcement, published April 2012. A 29-minute online training for human trafficking services providers who work with law enforcement officials.


Strategies for Giving Presentations on Human Trafficking, published May 2013. This 25-minute presentation will enable you to recognize how language and imagery shape our understanding of human trafficking, learn how to discuss sensitive material with diverse audiences, and know the signs and avoid vicarious trauma among your audience.


Safe Harbor Laws: A Systemic Approach to Addressing Child Sex Trafficking, published March 2013. Watch this 13-minute training to learn how to learn about safe harbor laws in the United States.


Coalition Building, published August 2013. This 24-minute presentation has recommendations for anti-trafficking programs on how to effectively build coalitons.


Building a Local Crisis Response to Human Trafficking, published July 2013. A 24-minute presentation. 


Creating a Community Response to Human Trafficking , published January 2011. A 28-minute online training on how to build a strong community response by building partnership, conducting trainings and increasing victim identification.

Other Online Training Opportunities

Free Child Sex Trafficking Webinar Series is available. The series of six individual 90-minute modules presented via live webinars or self-paced computer based trainings (CBTs) is hosted by the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. For a detailed schedule, click here.


  • Introduction to Child Sex Trafficking for Healthcare Professionals

  • Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: A Global Perspective, and...Boys are Victims Too

  • Special Topics on Child Sex Trafficking: Victims, Pornography and the Legal Response

  • The Demand Side: Traffickers, Buyers & Gangs

  • Child Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation: The Medical Evaluation of Victims

  • Using a Victim-/Survivor-Centered Approach When Working with Trafficked Youth


Free Training from the Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC) of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.


There are two series of Human Trafficking presentations:


"Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault: Strategies to Strengthen Community Collaboration to Respond to Survivors' Needs," a  five-part series of 90-minute webinars that offers strategies, practical tips, case studies, and resources to help domestic violence and sexual assault service providers improve outcomes for human trafficking survivors.

  • Getting Out of the Box: The Key Ingredients to Cultivate Collaboration

  • Balancing Collaboration, Confidentiality and Privilege on Human Trafficking Cases

  • Collaborating with Culturally Specific Organizations to End Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

  • Working Together Part I: Law Enforcement

  • Working Together Part II: The Courts


"Capacity Building Webinars for Human Trafficking Service Providers," an eight-part series of 60-minute webinars that provide information on key services and strategies for victim service providers working with survivors of human trafficking.

  • Civil Legal Remedies and Criminal Restitution for Human Trafficking Victims

  • Delivering Victim Services to Human Trafficking Survivors: Confidentiality and Privilege Issues

  • How to Identify and Communicate with Human Trafficking Victims with an Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability

  • Labor Trafficking Case Study: Domestic Servitude

  • An Overview of the T and U Visa Process

  • The Path to Self-Sufficiency: Innovative Partnerships to Assist Human Trafficking Victims in Obtaining Employment

  • Sex Trafficking Case Study: Pimp-Controlled Trafficking of Minors

  • Shelter and Housing Options for Human Trafficking Victims

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