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Information for Service Providers


Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States: A Guide for Providers of Victim and Support Services (2014), by Institute of Medicine (IOM); National Research Council



The Office of Refugee Resettlement, an office of the Administration for Children & Families of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, provides materials for Social Service Organizations as part of its Rescue and Restore Campaign. These include: 

  • Resource Overview (PDF 55KB)

  • Tips for Identifying and Helping Trafficking Victims (PDF 39KB)

  • Screening Questions to Assess Whether a Person is a Trafficking Victim (PDF 34KB)

  • Understanding the Mindset of a Trafficking Victim (PDF 35KB)

  • Communicating With Victims of Human Trafficking (PDF 34KB)

  • PowerPoint Presentation for Social Service Organizations (PPT159KB)

  • Social Service Poster #1 (PDF 143KB) Social Service Poster #2 (PDF 90KB)

  • Social Service Brochure (PDF 83KB)


Breaking Barriers: Improving Services for LGBTQ Human Trafficking Victims provides valuable recommendations to service providers and criminal justice professionals, so that they may be better equipped to provide the specialized services and resources needed by LGBTQ trafficking victims and survivors. If the basic needs of LGBTQ youth continue to go unmet, these young people face a greater risk of returning to their trafficking situations, published July, 2015 by Polaris.

Presentations from the 14th Annual International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference held in Toledo, Ohio, in September 2017:

Comprehensive Care for Trafficked Persons in Healthcare: Case Studies by Ruth Downing, MSN RN CNP SANE-A and Laura Kaiser, BSN RN SANE-A of the Forensic Nursing Network

Jumping Hurdles: Engaging Trafficked, Homeless Youth by Hollis Yost, LPC, & Melissa Brockie, MSW, of the Tumbleweed/UMOM New Day Center

Moving Beyond Rescue: Creating Safety, Belonging and Empowerment by Sarah Warpinski Ladd, JD, and Laurel Neufeld Weaver, MSW, LISW-S

Partners Against Trafficking in Humans: The Vision for the PATH Model by Fanell Williams, MSW, LSW; Celia Williamson, PhD; Chris Demko, MHA, FACHE; Marchon Noon, BSW; Jane Meyer, BSW, LSW; Pat Stephens, MEd

Prevention Programs Using Art to Educate and Empower Youth to Educate and Empower Others by Nola Theis of Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships


Human Trafficking Screening Tool Assessment by Sandy Sieben, MSW, LSW of the
University of Toledo Human Trafficking & Social Justice Institute

Sex Trafficking Victims: Best Practices for the Courtroom and for the Clinical Setting by Hannah Estabrook, LPCC-S, and Mandi Pierson, LISW-S

A Study of Trafficking from Nepal to India by Jessica Chen, Jon Hudlow, and Kirk Schweitzer of Tiny Hands



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