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What You Can Do


You can help create Care Packs


Victims of human trafficking in Rochester are in need of basic items. RRCAHT provides these items in CARE Packs that are distributed by local law
enforcement and outreach workers.


1. Contribute Essentials (see below)
Assemble a CARE Pack
Host a Care Pack Event
Attend an Event



2. Drop off items, pack items, or completed packs at either:
Center for Youth
905 Monroe Ave
Rochester NY 14620

Sisters of Saint Joseph
of Rochester Motherhouse
150 French Rd
Rochester, NY 14618


3. Call if you need a pick up: (585) 483-0084
and a volunteer will be out to collect your donation.

4. Contact us if you want help planning an event


These are the essentials we put in Care Packs for both adults and children:

Travel size shampoo, conditioner and lotion
Antibacterial wipes
Protein snack (e.g., granola bars or tuna kit)
Bottled water or juice box


Additional items that can be included:

Lip balm
Tampons & panty liners
New underwear (for men, women
and children)
Elastic waist pajamas (child large and all adult sizes)
Hat and gloves
Sweat pants
T-shirt or sweat shirt
Small roll up blanket
Quarters for phone calls in a small plastic bag
Stuffed animal
Journal or coloring book
Pens, pencils & crayons


Add a handwritten note of encouragement e.g. “This Care Pack was lovingly packed for you because you are a treasure and you are valuable.”


Click here for a flyer for yourself and here for a flyer you can print and distribute. (Print double-sided and cut into three pieces).



How important is your contribution?


Here's what an outreach worker said:

One woman was cleaning herself in the bathroom and was crying. She loved the wipes. Everything in these Care Packs is essential. I am so greatful and so are they. We need them all the time.


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